We’re taking our mindfulness practices on the road!

Antioch New England Experienced Educator student, Selena Goldberg, and faculty member, Susan Dreyer Leon will be presenting at the Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum this Saturday, November 10th in Providence, RI.  Selena will talk about her work teaching mindfulness to students at Pioneer Valley Performing Arts and will share a short film she made with them about their experiences.  Susan will talk about the Mindfulness for Educators Certificate Program, which is now entering its third year!

For more information about the Fall Forum, please visit the CES website.  There is still space available for Saturday’s session!


For more information about the Mindfulness for Educators Certificate program please visit:

Mindfulness for Educators Certificate Program at Antioch New England

If you are interested in using the Antioch University New England Experienced Educators program to earn an MEd with a Mindfulness Concentration, please email Susan Dreyer Leon at sdreyerleon@antioch.edu or visit the Experienced Educators program home page at:

Mindfulness for Educators M.Ed Concentration at Antioch New England


Author: sdreyerleon

Susan Dreyer Leon, EdD is the Chair of the Education Department at Antioch University New England and the Director of the Mindfulness for Educators Program. www.antiochne.edu

2 thoughts on “We’re taking our mindfulness practices on the road!”

  1. Susan and all! Neither of the first two links above are working! I cannot be connected to the conference nor to the MIndfulness for Educators Cert Program. Just a gentle FYI.

    Also, would love to connect with Selena. I am working through a grant-based program in the Northampton public schools, teaching mindfulness first to the teachers, then to the students. We are in one elementary school, so far. Pioneer Valley Perfoming Arts is right around the corner. Let’s talk!

  2. Friends at Mindfulness in Education,

    I’m excited to announce that beginning January 1, 2013, I’ll be publishing a daily “mindfulness poem,” usually by a contemporary or recent poet, at my new website, http://www.ayearofbeinghere.com. This site would be a great resource for you and your audience.

    Anyone who would like a daily sip or slice of poetic encouragement to “be here now” can subscribe (for free) either by signing up to receive it via email (http://www.ayearofbeinghere.com) or by liking this project’s Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/mindfulnesspoetry).

    If you would like to include my website’s link on your own, please feel free.

    Remember, “A Year of Being Here” launches on January 1, 2013. Please take a moment right now to subscribe so that you don’t miss a single serving of these wonderful poems. They are soul food for the journey.

    Thank you.

    Deep peace,
    Phyllis Cole-Dai

    PS Sorry to use a “comment” to inform you of this, but I didn’t see another way to contact you.

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